March 29, 2009

skinny and peeling it... or perhaps feeling it?

I wished I could be skinny,
so that

I can fit into a size zero jeans.
I can wear anything,practically everything on the mannequin displayed in front of clothing stores.
I can buy skinny jeans.
I can wear skinny jeans.
I can enter MnG and buy that goddamn fit tee I want.
I can do flip back.
I can look slimmer.
I can be slimmer.
I can look taller.
I can be taller.
I can eat all I want and skinny.
I can be happy, nobody is bitching bout how big I am
I can bitch bout how big someone else is
I can be a happy skinny bitching pathetic bulimic me.

to think of it,
NO. I wish I could be skinny, not.
What the whole wide world labeled as skinny&beautiful is all a big
def. of a denial and pretense.
The thing is, our beauty lies in diff. means.
I'm happy the way I am.
A few more inches lost from my waist and I know
I will grow old and grumpy. heh, not that I already am.
Us self-conscious people should write a book.
perhaps the title will be pretty much like this?


sounds typical?.haha
oh, by the way. I'm 16something tall and weigh over 50 kg ( I lied, obvious isn't it). :D
so yeah, call me fatty.
Even my BMI is pissing me off.
BMI= body mass index.

I was in a cab last night at 8.30something pm on my journey back from pavi to my uni.
KL was well lit and everyone in BB was having their own share of fun.
So yeah, I didn't turn off any of my lights last night-(( I arrived at my room quite late, I passed the 9.30pm limit, I think)).If you did, THANK YOU.

Save the Earth by any way possible. Not just switching off your lights and go hobo because you did it.

pen off,

March 27, 2009


No reason to live
without you

there's no point of thinking hard for this.
sesape trase neh untuk dy, ye ini untuk kamu.

March 8, 2009

of poops and something more; 3/9

rants&blahhss of cik adibah-march 09:

1 teh ais bungkus at aminah's cafe worth rm1.30 tastes triple times better than starbucks's fancy; ohh , btw, did u know that all starbucks * probably coffee bean too; produces kopi out of coffee beans that has been digested by animals beforehand?*. those substances u drink r made by some poops?wth, think bout it people;penny for ur thoughts; C: oh, i love caramel frappucino minus the poops by the way