February 22, 2010

happy birthday

for being there for me even when no one else would seem to mind
the fact of my existence;

thanks Ayah. & happy birthday. 

February 21, 2010

padan muka kau.

bitter title is bitter. 
I don't put a speck of faith in karma but damn, that thing is scary.

How'd you feel if one underestimated your potential - just because you don't have the looks  or the qualities that his super royal ass demanded for? - macam sampah kan? what?. now you're telling me that I have no self-confidence?. save those pathetic words for your sorry self.

just for the record, THANK GOD that now, he's nothing like what he used to be.
the attitude is still there ( surprise , surprise ) but let' just say..kau buruk gila laa.

 it's about time for him to realize this one tiny bit of reality. 

 looks & whatever biotch style u had did get you somewhere & in this case  Mr. moronic being ( I don't think that you'll be reading this either so yeah, screw you)  

they got you to the point of NOWHERE.

karma had just bite you in the ass, go cry at your mama, you silly boy.

February 13, 2010


aku suka sungguh hari ini, titik.