February 25, 2009


random #1;
location: gsc , mid valley

how vanity kills ; one minute ok, one minute gedik.

y pgy toilet bersama kwn-kwn, ingat laa, sentiase cepat dan pantas menyelesaikan hal supaya rakan anda x boring dan jadi seperti gambar di atas, berposing sakan depan mangkuk tandas. * kesiannn kan? kan??

random #2;
location: still mid valley. s.recipe

nda will be speechless * or perhaps go beserk* when she knows im posting this pic; bwahahaah*

" nda,,andwae andwae" * runs off sbb die maw cabut rmbut akuuuu~

random #3;
location : rumahhh makk * even though she's my grandma , i call her makk~



age: 3 years old
talent: hopping around n pretend to be cute ala ala kitty ; he's HUGE i tell u , HUGE
a/n: ohh, blackie is the proud father of Adik , my 2years old pet. so assuming he became a father at the tender age of one aku jadiii. kagum? hahaha

random #4;

this pic was RANDOMLY taken last night. we were queuing at the counter when i saw this toddler;he was practically smiling from ear to ear; n acted a lil bit too cute for his own good;aha .anak sape tah..but one thing fer sure, i feel like having my own child at the moment ; saves me from stalking someone else's kid that is.

random #5;

lethargy spared us none mercy or whatsoever; C:
from left; jue, rai n deb
oh, we're roommates btw.

random #6;

breadboard kills. how circuits can make you go nuts? go figure.

random #7;

the view which i've grown to love by now;- overlooking the sky, let's sleep the day off; C:

random #8;

there's ugly in beauty,- frdhu ain assessment camp drove me nuts*yessir, attendance is compulsory

taken on march 8th

random #9;

notice the hand sign people;-

we had fun alright at the camp, had this delisshhouss* slurring is in these days* fish fishballs * LOL-ed. and neda even got her feet all accompanied with a small pacat. the camp is not as dreary as i imagined it wud be;

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nye-nye said...

a apakah kau. meh aku cabut sme rmbt ko