August 1, 2009

What you are.

Life to anyone ordinary is merely tick-tocks of the clock. Hung on the wall,too stoic - the point of static. Call it the bizarre reality that bites or even gobbles people up, some things in life are just that cruel. We choose and Fate decides. Meeting something//someone even when we know that we will taste the lonesome of a parting afterward. They say life is a simple game. Push that reset button if you can. For ages, we've been told that regrets come later in life but to many , it's already a routine to live one. In the end of the day, we decide who we are - or maybe what we are because the reality of the current , we are just entities with names and attitude to match. We live as we desire or perhaps the other way round but we still live. Just because, it's meant to be that way.

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SiextyEight said...

oi2 bdaymate! i'm stalking u babe! hehe