April 2, 2009

:D . this is a one happy icon.

Ever since I was barely old enough to understand anything verbal, I believe that I was born with a tendency to like things with alphabets on it.
Be it on a moving vehicles, milk cartons or even someone's face.

Mind not this dimly wit,
I was trying to focus on reading my notes and ended up stranded on this create a post page. With scarce sanity left in my head, I think all alphabets in the world should just be abolished , just so that I don't have to read anything.

Guess, my passion for alphabets is finally fading?.
Wait. I am typing ALPHABETS now.
Screw me.
Another delusional attack of a depressed being?. pfft.


Ims Imahtul said...

haha deb! seriously funny okay!
aiceh passion for alphabets is fading,cakap je lah kau mls study hhahaha.
omg gila nervous abang kau nak masuk sem 1 nanti.mhahahaha

debb said...

aku malas study?
bile pulak aku penah rajin?

aku pun gila nervous okey.
* walaupun kami adik-beradik?

Ims Imahtul said...

weyyy adik beradik mana boleh nervous!
haritu aku nmpk dia kt uia pj time tu aku g utk main netball.
omg gila scary okay tgk muka dia

debb said...

bila kau kata muka dia scary
adakah kau sedar yang kami adik beradik?

ho mai gewad,
muka kami sama.

Ims Imahtul said...

hahahahhaha aku kan sebenarnya kan aku tak penah nampak muka kau ngn abang kau sama. serious.

tapi sebab kan chemistry antara kau ngn dia mcm nak nak dekat kan,aku makin seronok panggil dia abg kau.

aku masih nervous tunggu abang kau masuk harap harap dia tak pegi lepak kat KAED cafe. amin.

debb said...

biologically not related, cane kami boleh ad chemistry ?

mane eh KAED cafe?
nak ajak abang aku makan sana.
if aku ada num. phone dy la. adik beradik tak berapa rapat.

kesian kan kami?
terpisah time kecik * :D