April 26, 2009

hello tok kadi

Encik tok kadi
sila chuak - kan bakal suami ku dengan dashyat nya okey? Set.

1. How old are you and are you single?
old enuff to own a kid or two. serious. I'm single and trying my best to keep it that way. eceh. blah la weh.

2. At what age do you think you'll get married?
u shud ask till when I shud be single.

3. Do you think you'll be marrying
the person you're with now?
I'm alone here with myself. so ,, to myself, will u marry me?. ( uh, wth is this???)

4. If not, who do you want to marry with?
1.bill gates ( ye , aku suka orang suka buat kebajikan ni, dan juga byk duit)
2.Sean Faris
3.Kim Kibum(super junior)- ni copy zati
4.Choi siwon(super junior)- ni copy zati
5.Micky yoochun(TVXQ)- ni copy zati plus if kau bagi dia kat aku, aku confirm takkan kacau hidup kau lagi. janji. :D
* sila Google for their pics if kau rajin mahu buat begitu.aha, this is pure imagination, okay. takkan nye aku dapat diorg nehh. all celebs.

5. Who would be your bridesmaid and best man?
ala...leceh. I'll spare u d details

6. Do you want a garden / beach or traditional wedding?
srsly , i dnt have any plan or dream of this thing or whatsoever.

7. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
korea - busan in specific. naah. I'm fine with anywhere nice and comfy, oho, will my own bed do the trick?. gila honeymoon.

8. How many guests do you think you'll invite?
u want to attend the event , sila la. jangan malu malu eh

9. Will that include your ex-es?
will u come hunney?

10. How many layers of cake do you want?
aku tak makan kek, so peeps, try giving me cookies.

11. The time of day you wanna get married?
waktu waktu halal.ngeh.

12. Name the tune you'd like to play during the wedding.
enuff korang suma buat bising.

13. Fine dining or just normal fork and spoon dining?
u dine the way u're most comfortable with, takkan kau mau pakai kaki?

14. Champagne or red wine?
le vodka pls. naah.

15. Honeymoon right after the wedding or
days after the wedding?
everyday is a happy day. ceh, merepek.

16. How many kids you'd like to have.
how many kids shud I have?

17. Would you record your honeymoon?
hoho, yes I will. bila divorce I'll shove em up to his face , " these were ur promises for a forever with me". see? how emo is that?. hahah

18. I wanna tag;??

if I tag u , will u marry me?
thought so.
tag ur own butt okey.

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izzati_freak said...

nak micky yoochun ka...
share nak???
xpe2 demi kau aku rela hidup bermadu dowh...